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Company Profile

At Meena Cast Pvt. Ltd., we are specialized in manufacturing all types of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Investment Casting, Lost Wax Castings, Feinguss, and more, as per customers’ requirements.

Milestones Achieved

Investment Casting uses lost wax method which is not a new one. It is among the oldest known casting techniques and you will get many examples of it to produce jewelry and statuary.

Investment Casting Manufacturers & Suppliers

Meena Cast Pvt. Ltd., Leading Investment Casting Manufacturers based in India offers better design capability, casting integrity and close tolerances. The Investment Casting process provides secured quality assurance, inexpensive tooling and a shorter lead time. The span mechanical properties at the static or dynamic level continue to be the same in every dimension and meets strict quality requirements. It proves to be cost-effective for the prototype development and allows superior design for extremely easy to highly complicated Investment Casting products and parts quantities. In Investment Casting Suppliers Meena Cast you have complete freedom to select alloys, which ultimately helps in reducing the labor costs and tooling costs.

Design Flexibility

Wide Range of Alloys

Freedom of Choosing Alloy

Lower Component Cost

Minimizes the Machining Operations

Consistency and Close Tolerances

Economical in Terms of Production and Prototype Quantities

Higher Static & Dynamic Mechanical Properties

Procedure is the Solution of These Four Main Problems

  • Casting must be reproducible inside closer dimensional limits.
  • Casting must be done with higher melting-point alloys.
  • There must be metallurgical quality standards.
  • Costs must be lower than alternative methods.

Investment Casting Manufacturers in India

Meena Cast is one of the most renowned Investment Casting Manufacturers in India. In our Casting Manufacturers facility, we design intricate castings. The casting manufacturing process is very efficient and quick. We use the latest Investment Casting technology and tools, that helps us to make good quality castings at a very fast speed. Casting Manufacturers is also a cost-effective method for making prototype development. We use a wide range of metals and alloys for casting. Our specifically defined process empowers us to make castings with extremely fine finishing.

Why Meena Cast ?

Mechanical Properties

We use very specific solidification casting methods to make components with good mechanical properties.

Tremendous Surface Finishing

Our team uses the latest technologies to complete the top surface. Casting Super Fine Surface Finishing makes us one of the leading manufacturers.

High Quality

A prime factor that has helped us become one of the most preferred Casting Manufacturers by many of our clients is the good quality of our products. We follow all the standard quality procedures to ensure that we supply perfect good products to our clients.

Superior and Intricate Designs

We have extensive experience in making top-notch Investment Castings. Our team makes casts as per the requirements of the clients. We take into consideration even the smallest of details. Casting Manufacturers allows great flexibility as it can be done with compound features like thin walls, 3D counters, etc.

Variety of Metals & Alloys

Our team uses a wide range of metals and alloys for Investment Casting. We use both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, depending upon the requirement. As one of the best Casting Manufacturers in the country, we only use certified and tested metals and alloys for castings.

Benefits of Working with Us

Meena Cast Pvt. Ltd. is among the best investment casting manufacturers in India. Meena Cast Pvt. Ltd. is a BSCIC, PED, and IBR registered company. Our optimum quality standards and global quality control procedures are certified by TUV NORD DIN EN 9001: 2015., PED & AD 2000-Merkblatt W0 certification.

If you would like to know more about our investment casting or how we became one of the leading investment casting manufacturers, please feel free to contact us.

Our online system and network of ERP offers the fastest and most proficient online order processing system. We manufacture our products to perfection with severe quality control applied at all the levels. We have the biggest Machinery and Plant with in-house Testing Laboratory.

  • We make sure about quality at every stage of our procedure.
  • We are completely dedicated towards problem solving.
  • We always provide realistic and flexible deadlines for delivery.

Investment Casting Suppliers in India

Meena Cast Pvt. Ltd. is a respected name in the industry of Investment Casting India. Our efficient team and cutting-edge machinery have helped us in making us one of the most popular Casting Exporter Companies India. Also, we have a very comprehensive quality process to provide only the best quality castings to our clients. Our team focuses on the quality of the castings and provides only strong and reliable casting products to the clients. We have a solid experience of dealing with a huge number of clients for a very long time. The prime factor that has helped us gain a lot of popularity as one of the leading Investment Casting Exporters and Suppliers in the world of castings is the fact that we aim to fulfill the clients’ expectations to the fullest.

Top Reasons to Buy Investment Castings from Meena Cast

Meena Cast focuses on providing the best possible quality of investment castings to clients. One of the prime reasons that have made us one of the top Casting Exporter Companies India is that we supply strong products. Our products are sturdy and they are capable of withstanding extreme conditions. Therefore, they are perfect to be used in several industries and various companies. Our products are not only strong, but they are also very durable. Meena Cast investment castings in India last long as we make them using the best quality raw material. Also, we constantly keep testing our casting products to ensure that we are supplying supreme quality castings to the buyers.

Investment casting is an intricate process that requires precision engineering and other modern methods. We use cutting-edge technology and technique to make highly efficient investment castings from the modern world. We keep upgrading the techniques we use to make the investment castings as per the latest industry trends. Our team keeps a close eye on the latest trends and techniques in the casting industry. Based on that, we upgrade the techniques, machinery, or tools we use for making the castings. Overall, to supply the best quality investment casting in India, we use the most advanced techniques and machinery.

Our investment castings meet all the quality and security standards required in the casting industry. We also ensure that our team has all the necessary certifications and experience that are required to manufacture top-notch investment casting products. At the same time, as an organization also, we have acquired all the significant certifications that allow us to manufacture and sell castings to the world. We keep exploring the market to gain more certifications that are needed as well.

Investment Casting Exporters in India

Meena Cast is considered one of the Top Most Investment Casting Exporter in India due to the quality of the products and services that we offer. Since inception in 1989, Meena Cast Pvt. Ltd. is ceaselessly offering high quality Casting Products to it’s global clients and hence Meena Cast is identified as Top Investment Casting Manufacturers in India and known as Best Investment Casting Company in India from available List of Investment Casting Companies in India.

There are lot of new Casting Companies in India emerging with newest technology and modern machinery for flowless state of the art manufacturing process with digitally documentation and integration of ERP Software to manage & run semi/fully automated production cycle on a click, in this List of Casting Companies in Gujarat, Meena Cast is top-notch.

Investment Casting Foundry in Rajkot (Gujarat)

Rajkot city located in Saurashtra region of Gujarat state, is known as Investment Casting product hub in India and worldwide, Top Investment Casting Company Meena Cast is based in Rajkot and utilizing maximum resources and taking benefits of localization and hence categorized as most famous Investment Casting Foundry in Rajkot from List of Investment Casting Companies in Rajkot, located in Shapar Veraval Industrial Zone. Casting Industries is fastest growing in Shapar, Lodhika & Metoda Rajkot GIDC Area.