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Our Company

At Meena Cast Pvt. Ltd., we are specialized in manufacturing all types of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Investment Casting, Lost Wax Castings, Feinguss, and more, as per customers’ requirements.


Our History

Investment Casting uses lost wax method which is not a new one. It is among the oldest known casting techniques and you will get many examples of it to produce jewelry and statuary.

Investment Casting Applications

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To accept all the market challenges when somebody say "It's impossible" as well as to serve the country by providing investment casting services for both ferrous & non-ferrous,with weight range beginning from 0.003 grams to 198 kg for a single piece.


To Produce 100 Tons of Casting Per Month.


To ‘Thrive in Excellence’ by providing multiple and innovative products in the market.

Benefits of Working with Us

Our online system and network of ERP offers the fastest and most proficient online order processing system. We manufacture our products to perfection with severe quality control applied at all the levels. We have the biggest Machinery and Plant with the in-house Testing Laboratory.

  • We make sure about quality at every stage of our procedure.
  • We are completely dedicated towards problem solving.
  • We always provide realistic and flexible deadlines for delivery.

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