Investment Casting

Investment Casting

Investment casting helps in better design capability, casting integrity, and close to lerances.The investment casting process also provides secured quality assurance, inexpensive tooling, and shorter lead time. The span mechanical properties at the static or dynamic level continues to be the same in every dimensional meeting strict quality requirements. It proves to be cost-effective for the prototype development and allows superior design for extremely easy to highly complicated investment casting productsand parts quantities. In investment casting, you have complete freedom to select alloys, which ultimately help in reducing the labor costs, tooling costs, and saves time too. Investment casting provides fine surface finishing as well as total cost reduction.

Design Flexibility

Investment casting can be done with compound features like 3D counters, undercuts, and thin walls.

Consistency and Close Tolerances

Investment casting provides control of the procedure variables,which results in outstanding product consistency and closer tolerances.

Higher Static & Dynamic Mechanical Properties

Precise solidification casting methods of investment casting produce components with better mechanical properties.

Economical in Terms of Production and Prototype Quantities

With investment casting, prototypes and huge production can be done in economic manner. Further more, by including many useful features in one single casting, you can lower down the break-even quantity significantly.

Freedom of Choosing Alloy

In investment casting, the components can be produced with aluminum, super alloy, or titanium, best suited for the application.

Good Surface Finishing

With investment casting, the components can get good surface finishing without resorting any exclusive secondary operations.

Lower Component Cost

Investment casting provides various functional features that help you cut the general manufacturing cost and number of sub-assemblies.

Minimizes the Machining Operations

Investment casting is the most efficient and functionally dimensioning method that minimizes the requirement of successive machining operations.

Wide Range of Alloys

We can routinely cast all the standards available in the world in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals.

Our Investment Casting Procedure is the Solution of These Four Main Problems

  • Casting must be reproducible inside closer dimensional limits.
  • Casting must be done with higher melting-point alloys.
  • There must be metallurgical quality standards.
  • Costs must be lower than alternative methods.

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