Total Customer Service


At Meena Cast Pvt. Ltd., we give response to the customer's queries and requirements very quickly regarding investment casting. Our quick quotation procedure helps you make decisions as well as avoid the delays of new product designs. In-house procedures help us check on the parts in procedure and answer all the requests.



At Meena Cast Pvt. Ltd., our careful and well-trained engineering team works professionally so that our customers feel happy and confident with their designs, tooling, and solutions of investment casting challenges. We are completely dedicated towards problem solving.



We have built a reputation to professionally fulfill client’s requirements. We make sure about the best quality at every stage of our procedure. Working with all departments, our inspired Quality Assurance Team is 100 % committed towards quality.



In on-time delivery, we are always bang on. To stay competitive in quickly changing markets, we are always watchful to the new technology and trends. We understand that meeting the customers’ delivery requirements is important. We always provide realistic and flexible deadlines.


Complete Customer Service Means Excellence. WE Always Accept Challenging Jobs That Others Deny.

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